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Questions we may face frequently!

  • What can be done using this system?
    1. Faculty can apply for financial support for organizing MTTS/Mini MTTS/ PTMT
    2. Students can apply for participating in MTTS/Mini MTTS from a specified date set by the administrators
    3. They can check the status of their applications like whether selection list has been published
    4. Note: The status update for whether the postal application has reached us is no longer active.
  • What do I need for using this site, say, for exmaple for applying for an MTTS/Mini MTTS programme?
  • You need to have a valid Gmail/Yahoo account for starting the process. Depending on which of these you have, you can use the link given on the front page, and start the process.
    Please check the detailed instructions for applying for Mtts/Mini MTTS at this link
  • How does this login work?
    In two ways. If you are using the Google method, then via OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0 for Login) (See this link). If you are using Yahoo method, then via the OpenID method (See this link). In both these methods, you are handing over your login information to your ID provider, and not to us. So your passwords are safe with you. We will be asking only for your email address to be verified to these providers.
  • I have noticed that some of the details I have entered in the application site is wrong. But I realized it only after submitting the final form. What should I do?
    We are generating a preview file for you to check whether all the details are correctly present or not. If details are correctly appearing in the preview file, you will be able to generate a final form correctly. The only difference between preview draft and final form is that there is no DRAFT mark across the final form.
    If you have not carefully gone through the preview file before submitting the final version, there can be some errors in it. But if you have submitted the final form, there is no way we can help you to correct it for re submission. The only way out is to use another email id and submit another form. While you are contacting us with problems regarding the application forms, we request you to download the preview file and send it to us so that we sort out the problem.
  • I have submitted my final form in which the teacher's email address given is wrong. Can I correct it now?
    Unfortunately, the automated system tries to send mail to the email address given by you, and we do not have any control over it. If you have submitted the final form, the only way to correct mistakes is to submit another form using another email id with correct email address.
  • I have posted my application. How do I know whether it has reached your office?
    We receive a huge number of applications for every program and we have a limited office support for processing the applications. So your requests regarding the confirmation of postal applications receiving at our end may not be accepted. If you want to make sure that your application by post reaches us, please use SPEED POST (NOT registered post) services of the Indian Postal Department. Thank you very much for your understanding.
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