Wednesday Mar 27, 2019 : 12:34 AM IST    

How to apply for MTTS/Mini MTTS Online?

Please see videos on how to login to the system, how to fill the basic contact details, and how to submit application for MTTS/Mini MTTS at this link.
  1. Visit the online applications portal of the MTTS at this link.
  2. Do you have a Google/Gmail account, or a Yahoo mail account? If not please create one for free(Google account at this link or Yahoo account at this link. You will be able to follow the below given steps only after creating such an account.
  3. Click on the 'Google Account' or 'Yahoo' logo at this page to proceed.
  4. You need to provide your username and password (Google username and its password if you clicked on the Google Logo. Yahoo username and its password it you clicked on the Yahoo logo). Note that, you are giving your username and password to your ID provider, not to us. MTTS site will never ask for your username or password.
  5. If you are logging in using this username for the first time, your site (Google/Yahoo) will ask some questions. Don't worry, just accept and proceed.
  6. You will come back to the MTTS online system and we will show your email address (Gmail/Yahoo, in some rare cases, something else). We will ask whether you want to use the shown email address. See the screenshot. Click on 'proceed'.
  7. Once you are inside your user control panel, fill your basic contact details using the very first link on that page. (See the instructions here for filling the basic data form.) The filled form should look like this, then this, and then this
  8. In the control panel, click on the link see the list of fothcoming MTTS/Mini MTTS programmes
  9. You will see the list of forthcoming MTTS/Mini MTTS programmes. If application process is open for some of the programmes you will see a link like Apply now or see your application status. Click on it.
  10. Under the heading Fill the application form, click on the link Basic Contact Details . You will see all the data which you have filled in one of the previous steps. You may modify it if required. Note that, for applying for MTTS/Mini MTTS, your user category MUST be undergraduate student or postgraduate student. Click the submit button. You will move to the next page. This can also be accessed via tha link Present course, institute, recommendation and other details.
  11. In this page, fill details about level of participation you are requesting for, your present course, recommending teacher, his/her email address, etc. Note that, before giving the details of the teacher, please inquire whether he/she would like to recommend you and would be ready to sign in your application form. The filled form should look like this and this
  12. In the next step, fill your examination marks/grades. Clik on Add a course. Enter the course details. then click on Add Math/Physics/Statistics paper.
  13. You should give details of your Mathematics, Physics, Statistics papers in your SSLC (10th), Higher Secondary (Plus 2) courses and all other courses from SSC onwards. You should add a course name, should enter which board/university has conducted the exam, and whether they were following yearly/semester system for examinations, and the overall percentage of marks. If a course is not complete, you should only give the overall percentage of the papers whose results have been already declared.
  14. You should enter name of your math/physics/statistics papers and enter their grades/marks and approximate percentage. If you do not know how to do that, please consult your recommending teacher.
  15. The Academic performance page, after filling the SSC, HSC, and other course details completely should look like this and this
  16. Once you fill your examination details correctly, you will be able to generate a preview PDF application form which has across it a DRAFT word marked. Please DO NOT send this to us. This is only to show you the details you have entered so far and how the final form will look like. A sample form you may see here.
  17. Click on the link Download it from here. (screenshot.) Double check the email address of your teacher. Once you enter it wrongly, there is no way to get recommendation from him, as we will be sending the recommendation request to this email id.
  18. Prepare the final version of your application form. Note that, you have to agree to the terms and conditions of MTTS for the same.
  19. Take a print out of the final application form which contains a recommendation form with your and your teachers details
  20. You should sign in the application form
  21. Take the application form with all your marklists and certificates to your teacher
  22. Request your teacher to fill sign in the application form, and fill the recommendation form. After that, request your teacher to give the recommendation form back to you in a sealed envelope.
  23. On the top of the cover containing the recommendation form, write in BOLD letters RECOMMENDATION FOR programme name
  24. On the top of the cover containing the application form and recommendation form, write in BOLD letters APPLICATION FOR programme name
  25. Post the signed application form + recommendation form to the address mentioned in the application form to reach us before the last date.