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1 Ms Vani Upadhyaya
V.R.A.L. Govt. Girls Degree College
upadhyaya dot v150515 at gmail dot com

Level O (2016 SNU Noida)
Level 1 (2017 RIE Mysuru)
MTTS played a decisive role in shaping my career.Being frm a small town, I had no idea abt my potential and research in mathematics. But MTTS showed me very true perspective of learning the subject.I was fortunate to meet brilliantminds n being taught by the best teachers from all over the country.
2 Ms Nithya Muraleedharan
nithyamtr at gmail dot com

Level 2 (2017 RIE MYSORE)
3 Mr Subhrajyoti Nayak
subhrajyotin98 at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 IIT GUWAHATI)
MTTS was a great experince.Those 27 days of rigorous training changed the whole prospectus of mathematics in my life.I started thinking and learnt wrinting mathematics .I call it as MTTS way of thinking.Do apply for MTTS if anyone wants to view Mathematics on a different platform.
4 Ms Kanak Rani
2nd year BSc Mathematics student
Guru Ghasidas vishwavidyalaya
kanakrani666 at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 IIT GUWAHATI)
Its been days since the completion of MTTS. Now I can feel the difference.I realized that mathematics is a language through which we can express our ideas to others.It was a nice experience of learning mathematics without pen and paper.l feel that my imagination power has also increased.
5 Ms Shreya Mehta
3rd year Bsc Maths hons
Lady Shri Ram College for Women
shreya31mehta at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 IIT Guwahati)
A must for every mathematics enthusiast.
6 Mr Shafahat Hussain
IV Sem B.sc Mathematics student
hshafahat at gmail dot com

MTTS taught me what real MATHEMATICS IS! Any student throughout India who has interest in Mathematics should do hard work so that he/she get selection in MTTS.
7 Ms Namrata
1 Sem MSc(HS) Mathematics
Panjab University
namratasingla3993 at gmail dot com

Level 2 (2017 RIE, MYSORE)
Mtts is the best experience I have ever had.It is big platform for students for develop their skills. I got confidence that I can solve problems with geometric approach.I am able to geometrically representation of a problem.Thank you so much MTTS.
8 Ms Irin Jose
II Year BSc Mathematics student
Sacred Heart College,Thevara
irinjose123 at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 RIE Mysore)
Mtts 2017 helped me to gain confidence in mathematics.
9 Mr Manoj Kumar
M.Sc 1st year
manoj dot kumar1 at iitrpr dot ac dot in

Level 2 (2017 RIE MYSORE)
MTTS is a great initiative taken by Prof.kumaresan along with his MTTS team to help students from all over the country in increasing their thinking power.The teaching methodology at MTTS is totally different, teachers teach in a different way, they try to think before the students. Keep it up MTTS.
10 Ms Archana Mohanan
Visiting Faculty
KBP College of Arts, Science and Commerce
archanamohanan12 at gmail dot com

Level 2 (2013 SVNIT, Surat)

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