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1 Mr Rahul Paul
I Sem Bsc
rahulpaulfb at gmail dot com
Mini MTTS (2016 Mizoram University)
Level O (2016 Mizoram University)
MTTS is very useful for every Mathematics Students. It is an unique class room of Mathematics study,, We learn many basic ideas about Mathematics and how to work with mathematics and how to think while doing Mathematics. MTTS helps to bring us on the correct track of Mathematics. Thanks to MTTS.
2 Dr Meena More
Assistant Professor
College of Engineering Pune
meenamores at gmail dot com

Level 2 (2000 RIE Mysore)
The most cherished memories of my life. The one month we spend together was learning filled with joy. Got to have new friends. Hope to meet old faces after sixteen years. MTTS boosted my overall confidence and improved my thinking capabilities. I am grateful for the wonderful time and the good food.
3 Mr Debashish Sharma
Assistant Professor
G.C.College, Silchar
debashish0612 at gmail dot com
Mini MTTS (2016 Mizoram University) Its a nice program 2 introduce stdnts 2 d world of mathematics. It has motivated me as a teacher. I hv learnt a lot n Ill use MTTS methodology 2 teach maths to my students. More camps shud be organized n teacher participants can be given a chance 2 conduct 1 or 2 classes based on their perfomance
4 Mr Hitendra Kumar
hitendrakumar58 at gmail dot com

Level O (2015 Shiv nadar university ,Noida)
Thanks for opening my eyes to new stage of opportunity and strength. I will forever be grateful for guidance and kindness.From weakness to strength, from grass to grace and from nothing to something. The knowledge MTTS have imparted upon me has been a great asset throughout my career. THANK U MTTS
5 Mr Nawaz Ahmad Kumar
I Sem MSc Mathematics student
University of Kashmir Main Campus
kumarnawaz19 at gmail dot com

Level O (2013 Srinagar J&K)
First of all I am thankful to the National Board for higher Mathematics,Government of India and the director of MTTS Professor S Kumaresan who are giving us a chance to participate in such programs and to learn something good about mathematics. I had learn a lot in the previous Mtts programme.
6 Mr Arijit Ganguly
5 th year Ph.D. student
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
arijit dot ganguly1 at gmail dot com

Level O (2010 Shantiniketan)
Level 1 (2011 ICT Mumbai)
Level 2 (2012 IIT Kanpur)
7 Ms Rajapraveena.k.t
II year B.Sc.,(Maths) student
Vellalar College for Women
praveena dot tirumurthy at gmail dot com

Level O (2016 IIT Madras)
MTTS made to think and express even ordinary views in mathematics in unique way from others. MTTS gave me great experience and courage to overcome difficulties in many aspects.
8 Mr Sandeep Kumar Mishra
osakasandeep at gmail dot com

Level O (2016 Shiv Nadar University)
It was a very great experience.This is mtts who made me to study the works of masters to enjoy mathematics.It gave me the insight about the even very abstract things in mathematics. It was also a great social experience to interact with a variety of friends throughout the India.Thanks mtts.
9 Mr Girish Kumar Sahu
girishkumarsahu96444 at gmail dot com

MTTS is one of the best experience of my life.it is very helpful program for thinking more about mathematics.thank you prof. S Kumaresan sir for consider me as a part of this program.
10 Mr Alphy V Babu
III Year Bsc Mathemetics student
St. Thomas College, Pala
alphyvbabu at gmail dot com

Level O (2015 SSN College of Engineering, Chennai)

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