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1 Ms Shreema Subhash Bhatt
Sem I, M. Sc. Mathematics Student
Department of Mathematics, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar
shreemabhatt3 at gmail dot com

Level O (2015 SNU Noida)
Level 1 (2016 IIT Madras)
Level 2 (2017 RIE Mysore)
An excellent programme. Finding it very useful in MSc studies. Mtts enhanced my thinking capacity a lot and taught me to link different areas of maths. A heartfelt thank you to the whole mtts team and faculty for giving me this golden opportunity to attend all three levels of mtts.
2 Dr Ajit Kumar
Assistant Professor
Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)
ajit72 at gmail dot com

Level 1 (1995 IIT Mumbai)
Level 2 (1996 Pune)
MTTS is the best thing that happened to me. This gave me confidence and mathematical maturity to make my career in Mathematics. It is one of the most effective mathematics training programme.
3 Mr Rajesh Kumar Lal Das
Deputy General Manager
JK cement Ltd
lal dot rajeshdas at gmail dot com

Level 1 (1994 Indian Institute of Technology , Bombay)
It was really a good session to interact with expert in the field of applied mathematics . Path breaking knowledge has been shared . It was unfortunate for me that i could not continued my career in the field of mathematics
4 Mr Sandip Nath
6th sem Bs-Ms mathematics student
National Institute of Technology, Agartala
nathsandy777 at gmail dot com
Mini MTTS (2017 Tripura)
Level O (2017 Tripura)
5 Dr Debajit Kalita
Assistant Professor
Tezpur University
debajit dot klt at gmail dot com

Level O (2002 IIT Guwahati)
MTTS motivated me to love mathematics. MTTS taught me how to study mathematics. MTTS changed my life.
6 Dr R. Sivaguru
Postdoctoral Visiting Scientist
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
sivaguru_r at yahoo dot com

Level O (2001 Pondicherry University)
Level 1 (2002 IIT Bombay)
Level 2 (2003 RIE Mysore)
7 Dr Sweta Tiwari
Assistant Professor
IIT Guwahati
swetatiwari dot iitd at gmail dot com

Level O (2004 RIE Mysore)
Level 1 (2005 S P college Pune)
Level 2 (2007 Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai)
I have attended all the three levels of this programme and acknowledge its contribution in motivating me for higher studies in Mathematics. By attending this programme I learned not only the fundamental concepts of mathematics but also learned how to enjoy mathematics.
8 Mr K. Namasivayam
II year B.Sc. mathematics student
Thiagarajar College
namasivayamk97 at gmail dot com
Mini MTTS (2016 Yadava College)
Level O (2016 Yadava College)
MTTS programme is really good. I am sure that todays MTTS students will change the STUPID syllabus system of India.
9 Mr Dhuruv Sivakumar
8 sem Btech
IFHE(ICFAI Foundation For Higher Education)
dhruvkupa at gmail dot com

Level O (2015 SSN College)
MTTS changed my thinking towards of mathematics , it helped to think better in other maths related subjects .Thinking about the way problem can attacked motivated me doing more problems. this is taught only in MTTS. It helped me to enjoy mathematics more.
10 Mr Rahul Paul
I Sem Bsc
rahulpaulfb at gmail dot com
Mini MTTS (2016 Mizoram University)
Level O (2016 Mizoram University)
MTTS is very useful for every Mathematics Students. It is an unique class room of Mathematics study,, We learn many basic ideas about Mathematics and how to work with mathematics and how to think while doing Mathematics. MTTS helps to bring us on the correct track of Mathematics. Thanks to MTTS.

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