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1 Ms Suchismita Mishra
PhD student
suchismitamishra6 at gmail dot com

Level 1 (2011 ICT Mumbai)
It was really helpful for further studies. It really motivated a lot . I feel it is one of the best program in Mathematics.
2 Ms Oorna Mitra
3rd yr PhD
Institute of Mathematical Sciences
urna dot mitra at gmail dot com

Level 2 (2014 RIE, Mysore)
3 Mr Rabiul Islam
islamrabiul36 at gmail dot com

Level O (2009 SAMBALPUR)
MTTS is great. it helps me to think in mathematical way. How to think about a problem, what to do, how can i solve the problem or what is needed to solve . More important Mathematics is great as a subject, MTTS help me to think this.
4 Mr Omkar Deepak Javadekar
III Year BSc Mathematics student
R.P. Gogate and R.V. Jogalekar college, Ratnagiri
omkarjavadekar at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 RIE, Mysuru)
MTTS was really a great experience for me. It helped me in improving my mathematical writing skills and developing proofs by rigorous arguments. It has also enhanced my ability to visualize concepts and theorems. My problem solving ability has improved after MTTS as Im now able to apply theorems.
5 Mr Janson Antony A
PhD Student
University of Delhi
janson dot math at gmail dot com

Level 2 (2012 IIT Kanpur)
Looking forward to a day when people recognize and appreciate the efforts of the organizers and the effects of the program in young math students and show their mental as well as practical support so that the program may be accessible to a larger student community.
6 Mr Firdous Ee Jannat
firdusej at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
MTTs was a lifetime experience for me. I learnt new ways to think solutions to questions in mathematics.A time of 28 days made me feel very different about the way we do mathematics and the way MTTS taught us to do it.Got to learn from the best and fell in love with mathematics,again.
7 Mr Supreeth Ravish
I Sem Mathematics Student
Central University of Rajasthan
supreeth dot ravish at gmail dot com

Level 1 (2017 RIE Mysore)
MTTS taught me how to read a textbook. It made me realize the importance of a peer group and what a transformative experience having a good teacher can be.
8 Mr Amith Shastri K

Madras University
shastriq at gmail dot com
0 /2011
9 Mr Sunita Kumawat

Amity University Haryana
ksunita86 at gmail dot com
2 /2008 This programme is highly appreciated to the students. As it provide the strength of thinking individually and increase the level of solving power of any random problem as conceptually as well as graphically. I am also guarantees that a student will feel more confident and carry improvements himself after attending this programme.
10 Mr Jaison Jacob

jaisjacobt at gmail dot com
1 /2009 MTTS is a great camp. It really helps the student to know where hw stands among his friends all over the country. Its really an eye opner.

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