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11 Ms Anitha P
III Year BSc Mathemattics student
anitha210599 at gmail dot com

Level O (2018 IIT Indore)
12 Mr Anirban Dutta
anirband1998 at gmail dot com

Level O (2018 IITG)
After coming back my college when i have started a new chapter i have realized what MTTS was.rnwhen i see any theorem i always try to understand what the theorem wants to tell me, not the proof. i always try to think the proof of the theorem , then try to write down it without help of the book.
13 Dr Suddhasheel Ghosh
Associate Professor
suddhasheel at gmail dot com

Level 2 (1995 IIT Bombay)
MTTS was more of a pedagogical push to me, in terms of Mathematics. Although I pushed my career to the direction of Engineering, the mathematical bent of mind has provided a solid push to the way I teach in the classroom.
14 Mr B. Selvakumar
II year mathematics student
Bishop Heber College
selvaselva47 at gmail dot com

Level O (2018 IIT INDORE)
MTTS is a benchmark in training programmes.The faculties will chisel you in every possible way to learn the subject.It is like another world where you could learn the subject in the best way.
15 Ms Manju Ganesh
III Year BSc Mathematics
Mar Athanasius College, Kothamangalam
manjuganesh400 at gmail dot com

Level O (2018 SSN College of Engineering Kalavakkam)
Yes MTTS was useful for me now. It motivated me to think more than before. After participating for MTTS camp, I am able to catch up things more easily.
16 Mr Santhosh G
santhoshbirthisha at gmail dot com

Level O (2018 IITIN)
MTTS programm is very good. This programm much more useful to me. This programm motivated many students including me. Im very eager to know this program
17 Mr S. Surya Chandar
III Year BSc Mathematics student
Madras Christian College
surya dot chandar dot 1998 at gmail dot com
Mini MTTS (2017 Yadava College, Madurai)
Level O (2018 IIT, Indore)
MTTS promoted individual thinking and provided a very rare opportunity to meet and share our thoughts with people who share the same interest in Mathematics. The faculty were dedicated to impart knowledge. Because of MTTS we were able to approach and understand mathematical concepts in a new way.
18 Mr Amith Shastri K

Madras University
shastriq at gmail dot com
0 /2011
19 Mr Sunita Kumawat

Amity University Haryana
ksunita86 at gmail dot com
2 /2008 This programme is highly appreciated to the students. As it provide the strength of thinking individually and increase the level of solving power of any random problem as conceptually as well as graphically. I am also guarantees that a student will feel more confident and carry improvements himself after attending this programme.
20 Mr Jaison Jacob

jaisjacobt at gmail dot com
1 /2009 MTTS is a great camp. It really helps the student to know where hw stands among his friends all over the country. Its really an eye opner.

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