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11 Aamira Hameed Kanth

University of Kashmir
witty_kanth at yahoo dot com
0 /2010 MTTS has helped me, both mathematically, as well as on a personal level, by giving me a lot of exposure. It also gave an opportunity to meet brilliant students and being taught by the best mathematicians from all over the country. I also gained a lot of friends here at MTTS. I think it was the best summer camp i have ever attended.
12 G Sankara Raju Kosuru

Indian Institute of Technology Madras
rajuiitmadras at gmail dot com
2 /2006 MTTS was gave me carriage to solve problems. It was given me platform to earn knowledge. It was the one, where I found the group study / discussions are the best tools to learn subject.
13 C.S.Senthilkumar

Thiagarajar Coleege of Engineering,Madurai.
kumarstays at gmail dot com
2 /1998 MTTS really refined my mathematical thinking.MTTS gave me the confidence that my approach towards mathematics is right and reassured that I do not have to be exam oriented thanks to which I cleared CSIR-NET without any separate preparation. But more authentically MTTS makes some changes unknowingly in your character and mathematical learning and teaching ability. As lecturer and researcher who ever I am today is because of all my teachers in which MTTS & Prof Kumaresan has played a inevitable role.
14 Uday Bhaskar Sharma

Institute of Mathematical Sciences
udaybs at imsc dot res dot in
0, 2 /2008, 2009 MTTS is a great programme in nurturing mathematicians. It has been very useful. Level 0, 2008 in which I participated helped me regain my confidence in me to do the subject well. Level 2 gave me a glimpse of subjects like field theory which i went on to do in my 4th year of the integrated course.
15 faizan qadir

jamia university
faizanqdr01 at gmail dot com
1 /2011 MTTS is a helpful programme for those who wants to be a mathematician.
16 Srishti Shukla

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
srishuk at gmail dot com
2 /2007
17 Ila Gupta

Morgan Stanley
ilagupta1 at gmail dot com
0,1 /2003, 2004
18 suneel sarswat

National Institute of Securities Markets
sarswat at gmail dot com
0,1 /2001,2002 MTTS is the best thing happened to me. I am from very small town and had no idea about potential opportunity and research in mathematics. MTTS gave me a career path and a dream to fulfill. I thanks prof. Kumaresan for selecting me twice for this program.
19 Hari Singh parihar

Central University of Rajasthan
harisingh dot p at rediffmail dot com
2 /2001 Great Useful for interaction, motivation as well as learning
20 vairaperumal.v

vairamv3 at gmail dot com
0 /2009 It is an uncomparable course.I can think about my position in mathematics. I thank all the professors who made this a successful one.

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