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21 Mr Wadhwani Akash Mahesh
TYBSc Maths
K.E.T's V.G.Vaze College
akashw196 at gmail dot com

Level O (2016 RIE, Mysore)
Level 1 (2017 RIE, Mysore)
MTTS has been a life changing experience for me. Helped me look mathematics in a different way and making realise the importance of logics in mathematics are the key points we learned. Really looking forward to contribute to this effort of improving standards of mathematics learning!! Thankyou.
22 Mr Hariharan S
ll Bsc Maths Student
shariharanhapp at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 RIE Mysore)
I entered the MTTS without knowing anything . It improves my thinking skill and confidence level now Im not afraid of making mistakes.and most importantly how to see the mathematics that was totally different from my clg. Now I felt that i was good in my Clg .I just want MTTS whole the year...
23 Ms Teena Thomas
III Year BSc Mathematics student
Smt.Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College
tteena dot tthomas at gmail dot com

Level O (2016 RIE, Mysore)
Level 1 (2017 RIE, Mysore)
MTTS has been a wonderful experience.This programme has helped me to improve my critical thinking. It has given me a direction as to how I should learn Mathematics.
24 Mr Raghav Singhal
I SEM MSc Student
happyraghav18 at gmail dot com

Level 2 (2017 Mysore)
Mtts is a very nice program and It is very useful program.
25 Ms Shallu Nanda
II year bsc mathematics (hons)
Kalindi college
shallunanda26 at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 iit guwahati)
One of the must attend workshops . The faculty was amazing and the basic concept were cherished. The atmosphere was encouraging. The worth of mathematics was discovered and its beauty was explored.
26 Mr Ruprag Sahu
II Year BSc Mathematics student
rupragsahu at gmail dot com

Level O (2017 IITG)
MTTS is the bestest.. .....
27 Mr Amith Shastri K

Madras University
shastriq at gmail dot com
0 /2011
28 Mr Sunita Kumawat

Amity University Haryana
ksunita86 at gmail dot com
2 /2008 This programme is highly appreciated to the students. As it provide the strength of thinking individually and increase the level of solving power of any random problem as conceptually as well as graphically. I am also guarantees that a student will feel more confident and carry improvements himself after attending this programme.
29 Mr Jaison Jacob

jaisjacobt at gmail dot com
1 /2009 MTTS is a great camp. It really helps the student to know where hw stands among his friends all over the country. Its really an eye opner.
30 Mr Suraj Krishna

University of Hyderabad
surajkms at gmail dot com
0,1 /2010,2011

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