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21 Srishti Shukla

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
srishuk at gmail dot com
2 /2007
22 Ila Gupta

Morgan Stanley
ilagupta1 at gmail dot com
0,1 /2003, 2004
23 suneel sarswat

National Institute of Securities Markets
sarswat at gmail dot com
0,1 /2001,2002 MTTS is the best thing happened to me. I am from very small town and had no idea about potential opportunity and research in mathematics. MTTS gave me a career path and a dream to fulfill. I thanks prof. Kumaresan for selecting me twice for this program.
24 Hari Singh parihar

Central University of Rajasthan
harisingh dot p at rediffmail dot com
2 /2001 Great Useful for interaction, motivation as well as learning
25 vairaperumal.v

vairamv3 at gmail dot com
0 /2009 It is an uncomparable course.I can think about my position in mathematics. I thank all the professors who made this a successful one.
26 Chiraag Lala

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
chiraag dot r dot lala at gmail dot com
0 /2009 MTTS is a program that you must attend. It teaches you to think rationally. Prof. Kumaresan has been an inspiration. Thank you sir for your valuable lessons!
27 B Madhav Reddy

Indian Statistical Institute
madhav0903 at gmail dot com
2 /2009 It is one of the most useful programs for a person who is really interested in Mathematics. It helped me grasp various things which were difficult to understand in my classes very easily.

t dot mishra01 at gmail dot com
2 /2007
29 Srikanth Pai B

Indian Institute of Science
srikanthbpai at gmail dot com
0 /2007 Frankly, MTTS marks one of the major turning points in my life. MTTS taught me how to write proofs rigorously and how to think mathematics(analysis,LA) geometrically. Armed with the training in MTTS, I found reading math books more easily and enjoying the corresponding visual thinking. I am currently a Ph.D student who is happily working on a mathematically flavored problem partly due to the encouragement in the MTTS program. I wish I were selected for the remaining levels :(
30 Arpan Pal

Chandernagore College
arpan dot sanju at gmail dot com
0 /2011 Before attending MTTS I thought I would be learning only Mathematics there but going there I could learn how to learn Mathematics.

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