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Sl No Name, Affiliation, Email Level / Year of Participation/ About MTTS
391 Amit Kumar

amit dot kumar1 at sbi dot co dot in
392 Gouthaman B S

gouthambs at hotmail dot com
393 Anand Banerjee

anand_ban at hotmail dot com
394 Terk Patel

terkpatel at yahoo dot com
395 Rajesh Kumar

SRF, ISI Kolkata
rajeshkumar512 at gmail dot com
2003 MTTS is program where emphasis is given to develop thinking ability in mathematics. Although presently I am not directly working in Maths but the thinking ability that I could develop during MTTS program, always help me to solve the problems (both mathematical and non-mathematical).
396 Dr. Amritansu Prasad

IMSc., Chennai
amri at imsc dot res dot in
397 Dr. Uma V

IIT, Madras
vuma at iitm dot ac dot in
398 Dr. Ananthavardhanan

IIT, Mumbai
anand at math dot iitb dot ac dot in
399 Sweta Suryanarayan

Washington University, USA
sweta dot suryanarayan at gmail dot com
400 Pooja Dutta

pooja dot dutta2004 at gmail dot com, poojadutt2003 at yahoo dot co dot in

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