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1 Mr Joyal Roy P
Assistant Professor
St Josephs College
joyinyou11 at gmail dot com
2018 - PTMT2018-CUTN TIRUVARUR- - REAL ANALYSIS An infinite thanks to the entire MTTS faculties who inspired and inculcated by their volumes of knowledge besides keep on inducing self thinking by the art of asking systematic sequence of questions meanwhile often relating real life contexts with analysis and made fun on Mathematics . Hats off sir
2 Mr Gokulraj S
Junior Research Fellow
Central University of Tamil Nadu
gokulrajs93 at gmail dot com
2018 - Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur. - Real Analysis It was a wonderful programme. Learned many things, obviously learned mathematics; apart from that learned sincerity, dedication, discipline to be a teacher.
3 Mr Karthik S
Assistant Professor
Sri Krishna College of Technology
karthik dot s at skct dot edu dot in
2018 - Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur - Real Analysis Really the training was amazing. I hope to learn the subject as I was not captured during my studies. This program teaches me geometrically and my interest on Analytical papers was changed because of PTMT. Thanks a lot to everyone including participants for their help during discussion hours. My information is that everyone should attend this to learn Authors real idea about the subject.
4 Dr Gyan Chandra S Yadav
Assistant Professor
University of Allahabad
gcsyadav at gmail dot com
2018 - Central university of Tamil Nadu. - real Analysis The PTMT 2018 was extremely good. Motivation given by prof. Kumaresan in analysis to handle the different kind of problems was very fruitful.
5 Ms Rakshitha
rakshithashetty98 at yahoo dot com
2018 - Central University of Tamilnadu,Thiruvarur - Real Analysis Very nice programme
6 Dr Bikash Chakraborty
Assistant Professor
Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College
bikashchakraborty dot math at yahoo dot com
2018 - Tripura University, Agartala - Linear Algebra This is an excellent workshop. The basic theme was Linear Algebra. But the main moto was how to teach students a course in a motivating way, How to analyze the solution/proof of a given problem. This course helped me to understand that teaching mathematics is an art. Thank you Prof.S. Kumaresan, Prof. B. K. Sharma, Prof. G. Santhanam, Prof. S. Pati. I also give thank to Dr. Shyamal Debnath for hosting us nicely.
7 Mr Nitin Shridhar Darkunde
Assistant Professor
darkundenitin at gmail dot com
2015 - SRTM University, Nanded, Maharashtra - Real Analysis It was an excellent programme on Real Analysis. Prof. Kumaresan taught us concepts geometrically and also given the idea of how to write own proofs.
8 Dr Uday Shankar Chakraborty
Assistant Professor
Assam University, Silchar
udayhkd at gmail dot com
2014 - Tripura University, Agartala - Real Analysis It was an excellent program, where each and every participant was motivated to get involved in Mathematics. Personally I got benefited a lot as this PTMT program has not only given my vague ideas in Real Analysis a proper direction but also has helped to consolidate my foundation.
9 Mr Jayanta Biswas
Assistant Professor
mbiswas15 at gmail dot com
2015 - SRTM University Nanded, Maharashtra. - REAL ANALYSIS This program will be remembered by the quote By taking tiny positive step,x we can overcome any problem, y i.e. y < nx. I would like to thanks to Director Prof.Kumaresan Sir and his friends for their innovative yet simple strategy to learn mathematics in easiest possible way.
10 Dr Priyambada Tripathi
dupriyam at gmail dot com
2015 - SRTM University Nanded, Maharashtra. - REAL ANALYSIS It is one of the most excellent program for teaching mathematics at UG-level. The ways of solving problems and strategy of proving theorems are magical. In one week only, we have learned the magical way of thinking & writing the proofs of theorems without touching any text book or other sources.

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