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21 Dr Naveen Kumar Kakumanu
Lecturer in Mathematics
KBN College
ramanawinmaths at gmail dot com
2015 - SRTM University, Nanded - Real Analysis
22 Mr Vairaperumal V
Assistant Professor
vairamv3 at gmail dot com
2015 - 2015,ICT Mumbai - Linear Algebra The Program is very much useful. I thank the entire team for their effort for conducting this program.
23 Mr Vijay Tiwari
Assistant Professor
Jai Hind College
vijaytiwari040692 at gmail dot com
2015 - Institute of chemical technology, mumbai - Linear algebra The program was wonderful especially for new teachers. The lectures focused not only how to learn the subject but also how to teach to the students in an intresting way.lectures of professor ananth was really awesome and his command over the subject was really excellent. All resource persons were very good
24 Mr S. Sujith
Assistant Professor
sujithsr123 at gmail dot com
2015 - 2015,ICT,Linear Algebra - Linear Algebra PTMT programme is an excellent programme, which every maths teacher should attend atleast once in his/her teaching career. Prof.Kumaresan sir and his team members, way of transforming knowledge to the participants is a beautiful technique, which every maths teacher should know!
25 Mr Dipak Jadhav
Assistant Professor
Smt. CHM College
dipak2585 at yahoo dot co dot in
2015 - ICT-Mumbai - Linear Algebra I was benefited a lot from the program. I have essentially learnt Jordan canonical form in a easy way. This kind of programs is very good initiative taken by Prof. S. Kumaresan. This program was a complete one semester course in Linear Algebra. Thanks to Prof. S. Kumaresan, Speakers and organizers.
26 Mr Ranjan
Assistant Professor
ACS College, Lanja
ranjan dot khatu11 at gmail dot com
2015 - 2nd-7th November, 2015 ICT Matunga, Mumbai Linear Algebra - Linear Algebra I really enjoyed Mathematics in this programme. I learnt a lot from this programmer. I would like to attend it in futute also.
27 Mr Prashantkumar Patel
Assistant Professor
St. Xavier's College
prashant225 at gmail dot com
2015 - Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai - Linear Algebra This program was wonderful. I have learn lots of new idea and views from this workshop. It was great experience hearing form learned faculties namely Prof. S. Kumaresan, Dr. PS Srinivasan, Dr. Ananthnarayan H, Dr. Ajit Kumar. I like to attended many more workshop like this in near future. Thank you for selecting me as participate.
28 Ms Saee A. Joshi
Ramnarain Ruia College
saayalee at gmail dot com
2015 - 2015,ICT,Linear Algebra - Linear Algebra PTMT is a great initiative taken by Prof. Kumaresan. This style of teaching doesnt focus on how to score marks it focuses on how to learn.. Which is missing nowadays... And is of utmost importance, be it any subject or field... We learnt how to learn and to teach how to think!! I hope to attend future PTMT programmes and enhance my ability to think..
29 Mr Manoj Shrikrishna Narkhede
Assistant Professor
R K T college,Ulhasnagar
manojmathematics at gmail dot com
2015 - ICT Matunga. - Linear Algebra Excellent Program for teachers in mathematics, I learned alot from it like how to introduce concepts,definations,start from examples & slowly we can take it to more general case,thinking in front of students, encouraging students for individual mathematical thinking,These teaching methods are extremely useful for teachers.I thank NBHM and PTMT team who gave such a wonderful platform for teachers to improve their teaching and create good students across the country.
30 Ms M Sabari
Iyear Research Scholar
msabarijothi16 at gmail dot com
2013 - SSN Engineering College, Chennai - Real Analysis PTMT motivated me I can also learn mathematics

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