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Software Information

MTTS User Accounts Management System (Beta)
Software Version 0.5
Written by Vishnu Namboothiri K
Languages used: PHP, Javascript, JQuery
Main page: http://accounts.mtts.org.in/index.php


  • Version 0.5
  • Options for administrator to change status of applications
    Version 0.4
  • Recommending teacher will get a filled PDF page consisting of his evaluation details after submitting the online form. He will get the same at his email address.
    Version 0.3
  • Updated examination details entering page. Added video and detailed instructions on how to use the system
    Version 0.2
  • Several bug fixes and tweaks based on suggestions provided by the MTTS Core Team + MTTS faculty + Supporting team. Application status updates added for MTTS applicants.
    Version 0.1
  • Launched on 24th December 2014